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Welcome to the Basilisk Edition!…

...the small sheet music publishing house from Basel, which specializes especially in recorder music and music for viola da gamba. However, most of our sheet music is also suitable for other melodic instruments, broken consorts and vocal ensembles. Our catalog includes works with new music by contemporary composers as well as early music.

News from the Basilisk Edition:





In the British Library and the Bibliothèque nationale de France we came across 3 hidden treasures from the 18th century: 6 simple suites for two treble recorders (or other instruments) by the today unknown baroque composer Mr. Voyenne have turned up. And the equally unknown Frenchman Clair-Nicolas Roget leaves behind two collections of duo sonatas.







Clair-Nicolas Roget: Opus 1

Clair-Nicolas Roget: Opus 3

Mr. Voyenne: Six Suittes

Raphael B. Meyer delivers new repertoire for trios: he looked for the most beautiful Irish and Scottish melodies of the 16th - 20th centuries and arranged them for recorder trio (S/T/Bb), modern strings (Vl/Va/Vc) or gamba ensemble (D/A/Bb) or mixed trio.

Raphael B. Meyer: Irische Trios

Raphael B. Meyer: Schottische Trios

Hans-Martin Linde has written new recorder music! Thanks to the individual recordings of all parts, his “Three Quartets” are also suitable for ensembles that have not had any contact with contemporary music before and would like to immerse themselves in the world of sound of the well-known recorder player Linde:

Hans-Martin Linde: Three Quartets

The complete publishing program of the Basilisk Edition can be found in our catalog

1. Basler Consort-Tag

Flyer Basel Consort Day

The 1st Basler Consort-Tag will take place on26. November 2022. In a mixed ensemble, a so-called Broken Consort, you will play christmas music from the 16th – 21st centuries under the direction of Raphael B. Meyer and Manfred Harras. The event takes place in the beautiful historic guild hall of the Schmiedenhof in Basel. All woodwind and string instruments tuned to 440Hz are welcome. Experience in ensemble playing is required, the number of participants is limited. Teaching language is German. Further information can be found in the flyer.

Frisch von der Quelle (German only):

Musical theatre

Flute dose:

Des Klanges Süssigkeit zeigt schon der Flöten-nahme.

die dient zur Courtoisie bey Sternen voller Nacht.

Sie ists die offt bewegt, manch angenehme Dame

wann ihr ein Ständgen wird bey stiller ruh gebracht

das sie des sanfften Betts, sich offt wohl gar entziehet

und zu dem süssen thon, hin an das Fenster fliehet.

Johann Christoph Weigel (1661 – 1726)


Gift of the Month:

Every month our Basilisk lays an egg that has a particular surprise in store for you. You can download the "Gift of the Month" from our website every month for free. But hurry! The surprise eggs are only available for three months from the date of publication. In this way, the music hatched by the Basilisk always remains fresh. A regular visit is worthwhile!

Courses & Concerts:

Sheet music is only really fun when the music printed in it is made to sound. In the "Courses & Concerts" section you will find a calendar of events with exciting courses as well as information about concerts that are worth hearing and seeing.

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